Years ago, more than I’d like to admit, I got my BA in Elementary Math and Science Education with minor in Math and then had the privilege of being a teacher for a couple of years. A move to a continent away and a child later I worked with a Realtor to purchase our first property and fell in love with the whole Real Estate package. I love socializing and meeting new people so naturally the opportunity of helping others find their next home or investment property captivated me. With lots of dedication, it took me just six months to get my license and start my journey as a Realtor and for a while a Property Manager too. That was way back in 2008 and I’ve been hooked ever since. 


 The way I see it, Real Estate trading is mainly about integrity, numbers and negotiation skills. Today, you, as a buyer, seller or investor can get most of the information on properties with a couple of clicks. You don’t see your Realtor as an exclusive source of information anymore. Now it is more about knowing the Realtor as a person and trusting that they can get you the property that matches your needs or help you sell yours for the best value. After all, this is the biggest personal financial decision you’ll ever make, unless you can afford buying a personal jet. You need a Realtor who gets that; One who would fight for your hard earned money like their own; One who is a tough negotiator and out the box problem solver; One with integrity to advise you to walk out of a deal if it is not in your best interest.  I can confidently yet humbly say, with a track record of satisfied clients to prove it, that I have all the above and then some. 

Looking forward to being a part of your next Real Estate adventure.